Takeaway advertising during Coronavirus

Takeaway advertising during Corona: How to market your services effectively?

If you're a restaurateur or operate a takeaway service, then you're probably struggling to stay afloat. But just because you cannot remain open right now does not imply that you can't carry on with business as usual. In these times of crisis, you'd need to think out of the box to formulate some proactive and hands-on marketing strategies to promote your catering or takeaway service.

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6 restaurant social media examples to promote your takeaway

Restaurant takeaway promotion on social media: 6 examples!

How to promote your restaurant takeaway and connect with guests during covid-19? The pandemic has forced fancy restaurants and local eateries to throw their usual way of doing business out of the door. From receiving guests, to visiting guests. Restaurant takeaway and home delivery have become the new norm. But how do you promote your

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New Tremento Service: Instagram Growth

Instagram is big. We all know that. If you're not on Instagram, you're basically not in the game. With new features like Instagram Stories (more than 500 million accounts on Instagram were using stories as of January 2019, according to data from Statista), IGTV and ‘creator profiles' the platform keeps growing. But just being present on the platform, isn't enough. You need reach.

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Hospitality Instagram: Influencers and Cross-promotion

Today I'd like to discuss both influencers and cross-promotion partnerships. Why the two together? Because influencers, in essence, are also cross-promotion channels. And with the huge increase of the so-called influencers in general, cross-promotion channels generally deserve some more attention.

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Tremento - Instagram for Hospitality - How to use ads

Hospitality Instagram: Ads

Ads on Instagram: they are incredibly underpriced if we may believe mister Gary Vee. Advertisement costs will go up soon, is his prediction, and I think he might be right. Because yes, Instagram advertisements are cheap. But are they effective? That's a whole different question.

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Hospitality Instagram: IGTV

It was June 2018 when Instagram decided to launch IGTV. What started as a separate app soon became an additional feature to the existing Instagram platform. By now you've probably seen the feature at least once or twice – that is, if you are on Instagram. But what can IGTV mean to you, as a hospitality brand? What can you do for your restaurant, café or hotel with this additional feature? It's time to look at some examples and brainstorm about a couple ideas.

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