The top 10 content categories to engage Millennials

The top 10 content categories to engage Millennials

By identifying which content categories are most interesting to Millennials, you can maximize your content efforts. To know which categories are most popular is to know what to actually create content about. And that's extremely helpful. Now don't start thinking ‘I'm a hotel, so my content should be about my hotel'. That's passé. In today's media landscape you ought to think broad. 

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Learn how to create social media hotel - Destination Trivia Information Posts SQ

Destination Trivia, ideal easy content – SOCIAL MEDIA FOR HOTELS #5

One of the easier categories of content you can share as a hotel is destination trivia. Fun facts and knowledge about your hotel’s area. The more surprising, the better. Trivia is the perfect type of content to regularly update your website and social media channels. This benefits your SEO ranking + it creates consistency in your content stream, which then improves your brand’s status.

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Hotel Indigo Making of an influencer Video Marketing

The making of an influencer by Hotel Indigo – Hotel Videos #2

Two people show us around a hotel and its neighborhood. One of them is a photographer with a big following on Instagram, the other one a “normal girl” but with quite a distinctive look. The photographer teaches the girl some photography tricks while they take shots together around the property. We see the beautiful hotel rooms, the lobby, a delicious milkshake and the quaint sights and landscapes of York (where the hotel is located). What's going on here?

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ERCOLI 1928 Restaurant Branding Visual identity marketing


A great example of a visual identity for an Italian restaurant: that's what this project for Ercoli 1928 is. Almost nothing beats a home-made pasta or smothered-with-mozzarella pizza accompanied by a delightful glass of red: but it gets even better when you are given a complete thought-through experience.

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5 restaurant webdesign mistakes you don't want to make

5 Crucial Restaurant Website Mistakes

Too often I stumble upon a restaurant website that isn’t up to the right standard. It’s not mobile friendly, information is not available, links are not working, the design is outdated. And it’s not just the ‘mom and pop’ places where I see this happening.

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Get more guests with travel tip posts – SOCIAL MEDIA FOR HOTELS #3

One of the best things you can do through your social media is to help your visitors in their travel-preparations. This is a great way to get them even more excited for their upcoming trip while at the same time showing your best, genuine interest in them. It gives you the opportunity to show your guests that you know them, their struggles and their doubts.

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Taikin Visual Identity Branding Restaurant


The Taikin Restaurant, an Asian cuisine restaurant in Florida, the USA, manages to create a true experience for its visitors through its food, service and design. Experience design is going to be of great importance in 2018, so when I saw this project I knew I had to share it.

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