Triggers: play with emotion

In the previous blog post here on Tremento I talked about what a top-of-mind brand is and how you can use triggers to become one. In the last post we talked about day-related triggers. This post, however, will be all about emotion-related triggers. This will be all about linking your brand to a certain feeling your customer might have often. Curious? Let’s get going.

Triggers: how to become top-of-mind?

To be remarkable as a brand is one thing, but to be top-of-mind is another. Top-of-mind means your brand is the first thing that pops up when somebody thinks about- or encounters something. For example, when someone says ‘phone brand’ to you, you’ll likely think ‘Apple’ or ‘Samsung’. Or maybe you go straight to ‘iPhone’. Similarly a specific brand will pop up in your mind when you’re thinking about cars, or supermarkets, or sneakers.

Christmas - Holiday Social Media - Hospitality - Tremento Tips

How to use the holidays on social media?

The holidays are around the corner. Christmas trees, shop windows full of quirky presents, delicacies and jiggly music: it’s everywhere. When we think of Christmas, we tend to think of families gathered together, romance, the color red, tables full of food. It’s a true holiday – for most people – and it’s one you, as a hospitality brand, should definitely make use of.

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