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Become a Partner

Become a Partner

And let us manage your social media for you, from strategy, to content creation, distribution and interaction. 

Become a Partner

Become a Partner

And let us manage your social media for you, from strategy, to content creation, distribution and interaction. 

  • What is a partnership package?

    Do you want to get more customers through social media? But are you too busy to login everyday to like relevant posts, engage with your potential customers, create pretty visuals, write good captions and so on? Then we can help.

    With our Partnership Packages we take the hassle away from you. Tremento will get you new and fresh content each month, take care of the planning, optimization and distribution, and create engagement.

  • What does a partnership package include?

    This depends on the package you go for, but in general:

    • A content strategy based upon your brand
    • A styleguide
    • Fresh new content each month
    • A variety of content: photos, videos and graphics
    • Caption writing: post descriptions that fit your tone-of-voice
    • Content calendar
    • Planning and distribution
    • Engagement and growth management
    • Social media analysis with each new planning

  • Do you do this worldwide?

    We’re sorry to tell you that the Partnership Packages are currently only available in the Netherlands. However, if you are based abroad, please don’t be afraid to contact us anyway. We might be able to create a special package for you where we shoot more content for a longer period of time at once.
  • What's the difference with the Instagram Growth Packages?

    All of the Partnership Packages include all of what you get in the premium Instagram Growth Package as well. The Instagram Growth Packages are great for restaurants, hotels, cafés and hostels who are already uploading regularly themselves. And who are experienced in creating visually engaging content.

    But if you are having trouble creating content, responding to comments and DMs, and triggering interaction then these Partnership Packages are the best choice. Because to truly grow an account you need a good strategy, visually attractive content and consistent posting.


Our Partnership Packages are for those who want to forget about the hassle of social media. Monthly new photos, graphics and videos. Help when you need some simple graphic design to be done. Someone to brainstorm with about creative campaigns.

The Partnership Packages

Basic – Partnership Package


Let’s Go – Partnership Package


All-in – Partnership Package




Every 6 weeks new photos and a content calendar with the scheduled content. With the basic package we will build up your online visibility and guarantee your (potential) fans will know about your existence. Are they visiting your Instagram page or Facebook? Then they’ll see recently taken, high quality pictures and relevant information.


Creative content that fits your brand, that tells your story. Let Tremento take care of your presence, both on Instagram and on Facebook.



New, fresh content every single month. In addition to photos we will create videos and graphic templates / images (just for your brand). This mix of posts provides currently essential diversity in content.


At the start of every 4 weeks you will receive a clear overview of what will be posted. The content is analyzed every month and optimized based upon the results: what works, what doesn’t work and what could be done better?



If you really want to grow, you need to invest time and effort. Being present on social media is just the start. To create real interaction with your audience, work with bloggers and influencers and regularly post Instagram stories is a whole different league.


With the All In package we truly take your brand to the next level. From a strong strategy, to creative and versatile content, interaction management and influencer marketing. We go all in.