Restaurant Photography - Falafel House – Tremento
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Tremento Portfolio Falafel House Restaurant Photography

About this project

Tasty falafel and creamy hummus. Accompanied by a fresh fruit juice, a big Oreo shake or just a fresh soda. Sounds good, right? Falafel House is your spot when in the city centre of San José, Costa Rica. I worked with Falafel House to create an archive of photos for them to use and wrote an article for them on the website, which was another project (for the chain Selina) I worked on while living in Costa Rica.

The photoshoot at Falafel House was very pleasant. We were served a lot of small dishes, two bigger ones and a variety of drinks which made it very easy for me, as a photographer to create different set-ups. This assured that the final collection of pictures pretty diverse.

About Falafel House

Falafel House is a Libanese-food restaurant which started only in June 2017, in a food hall. A little later, Marcel (the owner) was able to start a partnership with a clothing store called Arenas which gave him the opportunity to move to the centre of San José (Costa Rica). Marcel, the owner, worked for over 30 years in different hotels and establishments before finally realizing his dream of opening a place in San José where he could bring his roots back to life.