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KULA - Content Strategy & Creation - Hospitality Advertising Agency Tremento

About this project

KULA is a place where anyone can come to enjoy a nutritious meal in a healthy environment. But literally everyone. No matter your dietary restrictions or desires. At KULA, food is not just nutrition. Food is about relationships. It’s about quality time and making people leave happy. The first time I worked with KULA, I came by to take some photos for another project. Then, in July, I stopped by again to do the workshop with Nicole, the owner of this lovely little place. 

I knew I’d love working with Nicole (owner of KULA): she is a hardworking and ambitious young Tico. I was happy and excited to see if my workshop could benefit her brand, especially since she already seemed to have it all pretty figured out. However, as we started talking, I found there was more to KULA then it’s currently communicating. Nicole’s passion for food and healthy nutrition was something that should shine through in her content way more than it currently does. Especially if she wants the restaurant to stand apart. Her dreams and ambitions are grand – and so should her content be.

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to do the second part of the workshop on location. Hence we could only set up ‘The Core’ together. However, I went ahead and brainstormed afterwards to make sure Nicole also got the benefits of the Spark, Foster, Move model. So she did end up with a complete content ideas list. This, together with the after workshop guide, empowered her to put the strategy to use.

About KULA

KULA is a healthy food bar in Barrio Amon, San José, Costa Rica. It’s the perfect place for both travelers and locals to grab a healthy breakfast or lunch. All dishes are made with care and rich in flavor. KULA also has its own organic juice brand called Cor Cor. The place is owned by Nicole Blard, a young and hard-working woman.

A look at the files

The process as described on the left lead to a complete strategy. The content list was designed later, after the workshop, by me. We didn’t have enough time during the workshop (we only had 2 hours in total) to do this. The 1-page strategy and content list can be seen by clicking the links below.


What did we achieve?
  • The Strategy

    The first and most important result is the content strategy. This strategy was build through the ‘The Core’ model, a method that helps to define what a brand, in this case KULA, wants to communicate through its content. This was then put together in a summarized 1-page file. 

  • Storytelling Content

    Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time during the workshop to set up the list with content ideas. However, with the strategy defined, it wasn’t hard for me to do the Spark, Foster, Move brainstorm afterwards. I came up with a list of ideas and shared these with Nicole. Based upon her feedback, we came to a final version.

  • Use of online tools

    We ended the workshop by taking a look at and Two tools which both bring huge benefits to small brands like KULA. is an online tool to easily create graphics, is a social media management tool with which you can schedule social media posts. I introduced Nicole to both tools. KULA is now working with either of them.

  • Photography

    Besides the workshop, I did a photoshoot at KULA. This photoshoot resulted in a wide variety of photos for KULA to use. You can see an impression of the shoot above. For more pictures, see the KULA Instagram.

Nicole’s Experience

The strategy that was created through the workshop is an exact representation of the outcomes of our conversation. I can see how it’s based on the questions, the interview, all of it. That’s amazing. The strategy that was created will help me improve interaction with customers and to create content based on our strategy. I can now build an organized agenda. It’s gonna be so much easier for me, this is so helpful. I’m very visual, the way you designed the strategy and content ideas work perfect for me. I’m so grateful! Thank you.
Nicole Blard - KULA - Tremento Hospitality Advertising AgencyNicoleOwner of KULA

In Action