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Maza Bistro - Content Strategy & Creation - Hospitality Advertising Agency Tremento

About this project

From tropical brunch to urban funky: that’s what happened at Maza Bistro. A crazy successful workshop that turned this little restaurant’s concept pretty much upside down. I met the owner, Federico, of this San José based restaurant at the local farmer’s market on a Saturday morning. It was here where I got the first impression of his passion.

After visiting the market, we went to Maza Bistro to have breakfast and get the workshop started. We had a long conversation and dove deep into Federico’s gastronomical background. I tried to learn as much as I could about Federico’s love for cooking and what food meant to him. After that, we put the pieces together. And what happened was pretty magical.

We discovered the current concept of the restaurant didn’t fit Federico’s passion nor his dream for Maza Bistro. Brave as Federico is, he decided to fully cooperate with me and changed the description of the restaurant on Instagram right there, on the spot. We came up with a new term, crafted just for Maza Bistro: Urban Funky Cuisine. No tropical brunch, but crazy dishes, passion, surprise. Because that was the true outcome of the workshop: Federico wanted to surprise his guests. He wanted them to never know what to expect. Maza Bistro should always be a pleasant surprise.

And so we came up with a strategy and content ideas. From now on, the content should leave some information to desire. Create a mystery. Craft curiosity. Be surprising, engaging, different. And, of course, funky. Through bursting colors, unexpected angles and funny presentations of the food.

About Maza Bistro

Urban Funky Cuisine, that’s Maza Bistro. Or well, it is ever since the workshop. Maza Bistro is located next to Parque Nacional in San José, Costa Rica. The quaint little bistro is completely outdoors (but roofed) and the chef, Federico, is probably one of the most passioned cooks you’ll find in the city. It’s at Maza Bistro where every meal will surprise you. It’s the kind of place you’ll remember because of its authenticity. Because where else would you be able to taste Urban Funky Cuisine? What is that, even? Well, you’ll have to come and find out yourself!

A look at the files

The process as described on the left lead to a complete strategy, content list and a few different templates on Besides that, we set up a Brand Inspiration Board: a Pinterest board with examples of what the content could and should look like, that can be shared with whomever is creating content for Maza Bistro.  The 1-page strategy, content list and the inspiration board can be seen by clicking the links below.


What did we achieve?
  • The Strategy

    A surprising strategy that defines the new story that Maza Bistro wants to communicate through its content in a summarized 1-page file. 

  • Storytelling Content

    Expect the unexpected! The strategy lead to a list of creative content ideas for Maza Bistro. We created these ideas by using the Spark, Foster, Move model. The content ideas all revolve around 1 idea: create curiosity. The content ideas translate Maza Bistro’s ‘urban funky cuisine’ into a consistent and engaging story.

  • Graphic Design

    During the workshop we came up with a few content ideas which needed some graphic design. I created a few different templates, using both Illustrator and so that Federico could work with them. The templates can be seen on the right.

  • Brand Inspiration Board

    We came up with a new term to describe Maza Bistro: Urban Funky Cuisine. But what’s that? And how do you explain it to other people? To answer this question, I created two different Pinterest boards. One to show how ‘urban funky’ food could be photographed and one to generate a general idea of the style.

Federico’s Experience

Canva Templates