Restaurant Photography - KULA – Tremento
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KULA - Restaurant Photography - Hospitality Marketing and Advertising - Tremento

About this project

As a traveler in Costa Rica, you should be prepared to eat a lot of rice, beans, plantain and – if you are not vegetarian – chicken. The typical Costa Rican meal is called a casado. Even though some of them are straight up delicious, it’s very likely that you, as a gringo (foreigner) want something else after a little while. Luckily, there’s KULA: a health food bar serving some of the most delightful lunch dishes I’ve ever tried.

KULA is located near Selina – which is a hostel I worked for while living in San José. It’s a little hidden and you might just walk past it. Therefore social media presence, blogs and online reviews are extremely important. Those are the tools for this little joint to be discovered by both tourists and locals. Photographing at KULA was a blast. Nicole, a hard-working young lady, made sure every dish looked stunning. And even though she went out of her way to prepare some wonderful plates for this shoot, I’m pretty sure the food always looks this good.

Nicole was, yet again, the perfect example of the type of client I like to work with. Someone who radiates passion and love for what she does. The way the dishes were prepared and she instructed her staff made clear this female entrepreneur is on top of her game. I love that.

About KULA

KULA is a healthy food bar in Barrio Amon, San José, Costa Rica. It’s the perfect place for both travelers and locals to grab a healthy breakfast or lunch. All dishes are made with care and rich in flavor. KULA also has its own organic juice brand called Cor-Cor. The place is owned by Nicole Aguilar, a young and hard-working woman.

Behind the scenes