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Sobremesa - Tremento Hospitality Content and Strategy Creation

About this project

The first time I worked with Sobremesa was in May 2018. After a successful photoshoot, the owner, Claudia, got in touch with me again to see if we could schedule another session. We had a good chat and this lead to two intense days at the beginning of July: one full day of the strategy & content workshop, and another day of taking pictures.

Sobremesa turned out to be one of the most interesting case studies. As I sat down with Claudia, the owner, I discovered how this restaurant was established out of completely different motivations than you’d normally expect. Restaurants and cafés are generally creations of chefs, cooks, food-lovers, baristas and so on. Claudia could certainly enjoy a good meal and liked to cook, but never did she have the dream nor the expectation to open a restaurant. “So… What is it? What’s the driving force behind Sobremesa?” I asked myself. We talked, talked, talked. And eventually we found it. A concept was born. A brand was born. Because, as Claudia said herself, Sobremesa did not really have a brand’s image up until that point.

We then took a little break. Through the workshop we had defined the brand of Sobremesa: a happy place. Sobremesa is the open terrace in the city where everyone can come to refuel, renew, reenergize. It’s about happiness. I summarized all we had done in The Core and put it together in the workshop 1 page strategy. With this strategy next to us and in our minds, we started working on the content ideas. This was such a blast.

We got into the flow real quick and came up with a long list of ideas that would translate the brand’s just established strategy perfectly. Scroll down to see the summary of outcomes and the photoshoot results & click on the right to see the established strategy and content ideas.

About Sobremesa

Your own outdoor terrace in the city of San José. That’s Sobremesa. This quaint little corner restaurant is located in Barrio Escalante, San José. The chef Joha prepares the most delicious breakfast, brunch and lunch plates in the small but open kitchen. The coffee is divine – and they serve more than ‘just’ Costa Rican coffee. Up for a cocktail? Sobremesa’s got you covered as well. This space is about a healthy balance between delight and peace of mind.

A look at the files

The process as described on the left lead to a complete strategy, content list and a content schedule. Besides that, the two photoshoots lead to a big archive of content for Sobremesa to use. We also set up a multitude of templates through  The 1-page strategy, content list and the templates can be seen by clicking the links below.


What did we achieve?
  • The Strategy

    A content strategy that clearly defines what Sobremesa wants to communicate through its content in a summarized 1-page file. 

  • Storytelling Content

    The terrace that turns that frown upside down! The strategy lead to a list of content ideas that makes use of the Spark, Foster, Move model. These content ideas translate Sobremesa’s message into one consistent story. All new content spread this story: Sobremesa is a happy place.

  • Graphic Design

    During the workshop we came up with a few content ideas which would greatly benefit from some graphic design. Almost half of the content ideas were graphic ideas, like ‘quotes’ and ‘share a happy song’. I created a few different templates, using both Illustrator and These were then put into so Sobremesa could use them without any further effort or design knowledge. They can be seen here on the right.

  • Optimized Workshop

    Every workshop leads to improvements in the overall process. So did the workshop with Sobremesa. Sobremesa was the first restaurant where I was able to do the whole workshop in 1 day. This was a great learning opportunity. It showed me where and how the workshop needed to be improved and gave me a clearer view of what can be achieved in 1 day time.

  • Use of online tools

    We ended the workshop by taking a look at and These two tools are very beneficial for small brands like Sobremesa. The first one is a simple tool to create graphics, the second one a social media schedule tool. I introduced Sobremesa to both tools and set up different templates on for them.

  • Photography

    Besides the workshop, I did two photoshoots at Sobremesa. We build an archive of pictures that they are now able to use for a long period of time to communicate their strategy on their social media profiles.

  • Content Schedule

    Another thing that was partly established during the workshop, partly afterwards was the content schedule. I set up a grid for Sobremesa to define what and when to post on social media. They will start using this as soon as all the content is ready.

Claudia’s Experience

The workshop was the best thing that could have happened for Sobremesa. Before the workshop, I did not really know what I wanted Sobremesa to be. You made me realize the true identity of Sobremesa, which is: it’s a place where we want to make people happy. You understand how to structure something that every restaurant in the hospitality industry needs:  a clear message, a concept. There is no other way to succeed. It’s essential to success.
ClaudiaOwner of Sobremesa

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