Strategy, Content & Social Media - Van der Valk Hotel Nuland - 's-Hertogenbosch – Tremento
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About this project

We’ve been doing the social media for Van der Valk Hotel Nuland – ‘s-Hertogenbosch since November 2019. Tremento takes care of their full social media spectrum (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), and actively tries to increase both organic and paid reach. This means we also handle their advertising and marketing on these social media platforms.

The Van der Valk Hotels share a strong history and story, but each location has its own unique aspects. Hotel Nuland is an important one in the family’s history as the first real ‘hotel’: restaurant + motel combined. Not only this simple fact but also all the stories linked to this place, especially in regards to Gerrit and Toos van der Valk, make it a special one.

The hotel has a wide variety of guests and tries to cater to every single one of them. The social media content ranges from specifically created graphic design templates to photography, GIFs and videos. Want something similar for your business? Contact us now.

About Van der Valk Hotel Nuland – ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Van der Valk Hotel Nuland – ‘s-Hertogenbosch is a hotel where people get a true ‘allround experience’. Or 360, as we like to say in hospitality. Food, drinks, sleeping, entertainment and work: everything comes together is this warm, well-organized and familiar place.

Some of the created content can be seen underneath. Other than that, please take a look for yourself at: