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Bistro Bon - Social media management voor horeca - Tremento

About this project

Bistro Bon is a restaurant located in the cosy and always busy ‘Uilenburg’ in Den Bosch, a city a bit down south in the Netherlands. This city is known for its gastronomy. People love to enjoy a fine glass of wine, big glass of beer and a tender piece of meat here. Den Bosch is a bit medieval but very lively and as I grew up close to the city, I’m very happy to be working with this relatively new restaurant in this wonderful place.

The strategy workshop with Bistro Bon helped us to establish a clear vision for the brand. We had to turn our first view and ideas slightly upside down and went from a French Bistro to the ‘Bossche Bistro’, after the city it’s located in. Not only because the menu featured plenty non-French dishes but also because it just fits the brand better. We then came up with some great content ideas for the social media channels.

We decided to take our partnership a bit further and settled for content creation & social media management. This means new content gets created every 4 weeks (photoshoot + graphic design). Tremento takes care of the content creation, copywriting and distribution on Instagram and Facebook. Different content is created for both social media channels and analyzed every end of the month. Content ranges from specifically created graphic design templates to photography, GIFs and videos.

About Bistro Bon

Bistro Bon is a cosy restaurant in Den Bosch, where quality is served against fair prices and where the ambiance is always ‘gezellig’. Nothing too fancy, nothing too crazy, or, as we say in Dutch, ‘geen poespas’. Bistro Bon aims to deliver her guests a generally good time. From home-made cakes to delicious lunch and dinner plates, or a drink around 5, this is your spot.

We won’t share the strategy and content ideas for Bistro Bon here, but some of the created artwork, photos and videos can be seen underneath.


What did we achieve?
  • The Strategy

    A content strategy that clearly defines what Bistro Bon stands for and wants to communicate. All summarized in 1 page that can easily be shared with all employees and other relevant people.

  • Storytelling Content

    Good food against fair prices. In a comfortable, unpretentious setting. And with lots of house-made products. The strategy workshop lead to a list of content ideas that makes use of the Spark, Foster, Move model. These content ideas translate Bistro Bon’s message into a consistent story that’s easy to understand and relate to for its guests.

  • Graphic Design

    There were multiple ideas in the content list that needed some graphic design to be done. Not only to emphasize the message in the content, but also to create variety in the posts. A content mix works best nowadays on social and incorporating GIFs and videos is an essential trick to get more interaction.

  • Photography & Videography

    Once every 4 weeks we visit Bistro Bon to take new photos and capture videos. These regular visits allow us to consistently produce surprising, fresh content for their social media platforms and gives us the opportunity to make use of recent events (Christmas, New Year’s, et cetera.)

  • Social Media Management

    Tremento takes care of Bistro Bon’s social media platforms. From creating the content to planning it, distributing it and writing the different captions. We help to create more engagement by interacting with followers when necessary. All content is published according to specifically designed grid, creating the perfect mix of different types and forms of content (informative, inspiring, activating + photos, videos and graphic). Before anything goes live, Bistro Bon receives an overview of the planned posts including their captions. This way they are able to check if they feel like the posts fit their brand adequately.

Graphic Design