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About this project

I’ve been working together with Carras since May 2019. After the first meeting with Stephanie (the owner) it became quickly very clear that Carras needed a strategy build from scratch: the place had been going through different concepts and styles over the last 10 years and it was time for a change.

The strategy ‘workshop’ didn’t really work out here – there was not much too build upon. Therefore I took the most relevant and important point I got out of my conversation with Stephanie and wrote this into a draft version of the strategy. She then read it and showed it to her most important employees who all agreed that this was actually what they were looking for. Excited as we were we decided to take go for a partnership package: content creation & social media management. New content gets created every 4 weeks (photoshoot + graphic design). Tremento takes care of the content creation, copywriting and distribution on Instagram and Facebook. Different content is created for both social media channels and analyzed every end of the month.

Content ranges from specifically created graphic design templates to photography, GIFs and videos. The leading guiding principle here is the family atmosphere that Carras conveys. People often come back for the staff, the kind service. They feel known here, recognized. That’s why we decided to really put the staff into the content: we show the audience their favorite food, drinks and made silhouettes of the employees to enhance the graphic designs. It’s one big, family themed, colorful puzzle. And it’s working.

About Carras

Carras is a tapas restaurant right in the heart of s’-Hertogenbosch. With a big outside terrace and plenty of space inside, it’s the ultimate spot to go for a long night of dining. Delicious food, meant to share. With the ‘Cartas de Carras’, which were added a little bit later to this project, we try to really create a fun table experience. These ‘Cartas de Carras’ are small cards which the people find on their tables, suggesting different table topics and questions to ask each other. Perfect if you’re with a big group and would like to get to know each other better, of if you’re with your lifetime long friends and want to discover more!

We won’t share the strategy and content ideas for Carras here, but some of the created artwork, photos and ‘Cartas de Carras’ can be seen underneath.


What did we achieve?
  • The Strategy

    A content strategy that clearly defines what Carras stands for and wants to communicate. All summarized in 1 page that can easily be shared with all employees and other relevant people. The main pillar for Carras? Their family-like atmosphere.

  • Storytelling Content

    Family atmosphere, small dishes, a great table experience, friendly service. The strategy  lead to a list of content ideas that makes use of the Spark, Foster, Move model. These content ideas translate Carras’s messages into a consistent story that’s easy to understand and relate to for its guests.

  • Graphic Design

    There were multiple ideas in the content list that needed some graphic design to be done. The whole Instagram and Facebook feed has actually been designed intensively with Photoshop. The Instagram feed is one big puzzle whereas the Facebook posts complement it in style and color. We did this to communicate the happy and colorful style that Carras aims for.

  • Photography & Videography

    Once every 4 weeks we visit Carras to take photos and capture videos. These regular visits allow us to consistently produce new, fresh content for their social media platforms.

  • Social Media Management

    Tremento takes care of Carras’ social media platforms. From creating the content to planning it, distributing it and writing the different captions. We help to create more engagement by interacting with followers when necessary. All content is published according to specifically designed grid, creating the perfect mix of different types and forms of content (informative, inspiring, activating + photos, videos and graphic). We managed to grow their Instagram with over 250 new followers within the first month!

Graphic Design