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About this project

Manuel Antonio is a region in Costa Rica famous for its gorgeous park. The area is home to a wide variety of animals, including monkeys, sloths and many more. With such incredible nature it’s the perfect place for Iguana Tours, the tour agency I was fortunate enough to work with. I joined Iguana Tours on their sunset catamaran cruise and mangrove boat tour. Both were tremendous.

The catamaran tour was a marvelous experience. The catamaran from Iguana Tours was much smaller than the ones from its competitors, making the whole experience a lot more intimate. We cruised along the coast and encountered a big group of dolphins before jumping into the warm water ourselves. The cruise ended with a delicious BBQ. The next morning I went on the mangrove boat tour which was an experience on its own. With a small group of 7 people we meandered through the mangroves, learning everything about the ecosystem thanks to our guide Randall. We came up close to many different animals which made it easy to snap the best shots.

What makes Iguana Tours stand apart from its competitors for me, are its objectives to preserve nature (eco-tourism) and stimulate education. Besides that, the staff was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and kind. That’s exactly the combination I search for in my clients: good objectives and friendly, passionate people. If you are ever visiting Manuel Antonio: book a tour with Iguana Tours. It’s worth it.

About Iguana Tours

Iguana Tours is a tour agency founded in 1989 to “preserve our most treasured natural resource in Costa Rica – our country”. Iguana Tours strives to preserve Costa Rica’s natural resources and actively engage the Manuel Antonio community. Two objectives I completely support. They offer tours in the area of Manuel Antonio, Dominical and Jacó, including kayaking trips, snorkeling activities and more.

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