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Underground Brew Café - Content Strategy & Creation - Hospitality Advertising Agency Tremento

About this project

Ready for a scavenger hunt? Tucked away in Barrio Escalante, San José, you’ll find Underground Brew Café. It might take you a second to find this specialty coffee shop, hidden in a building with a big “3350” on the wall. Unfortunately it is still too undiscovered: before our workshop, there was no content strategy at all. While there was actually so much at hand to play with: the unique location, special Costa Rican coffee, Juan’s knowledge and the fact that it’s a one-man-shop. It’s one of those authentic hidden gems you want to tell all your friends about. No wonder I was excited to help Juan with his coffee place and to create a strategy that truly helps UBC to the next level. 

I was very excited to do this workshop with Juan. I knew Underground Brew Café already before our workshop day and was convinced the workshop would benefit UBC. Since the café is so hidden, social media is essential. But up until the workshop, it was basically running on word-of-mouth only. Time to change that!

It took some time to get down to the core of UBC. This was against my expectations: I thought this workshop was going to be one of the easiest but it turned out to be a little bit of a challenge at first. However, we eventually got into ‘the flow’ and once in this creative state, the strategy came to life quite quickly. During the break – which is always scheduled for the 1-day workshop – I wrote the strategy, summarized The Core. We continued with the second part of the workshop in the afternoon.

So with the strategy (set up through The Core model) next to us, we used the Spark, Foster, Move Model to come up with content ideas. This lead to many content ideas, in both photo- and graphic visuals. We decided UBC could stand apart by becoming more than the coffee shop that just posts ‘pretty pictures of lattés’. Because that’s what everyone else is already doing. And UBC? UBC is about being different. Time to show it.

About Underground Brew Café

Underground Brew Café is one-man-coffee-shop, run by Juan García. This passionate Tico will open the gate for you and welcome you into his place with an enthusiastic, big smile. Interested in learning more about coffee? Then Juan is your man. He can tell you everything about the process. Just ask him for some explanation while you indulge in one of his homemade cakes (none of them will disappoint) and a cup of delicious coffee. Because that’s what UBC is about: getting comfortable, relaxation and specialty Costa Rican coffee. No pretentious stuff going on here. UBC is what it is.

A look at the files

The process as described on the left lead to a complete strategy, a content list and a color palette for Underground Brew Café to use. The 1-page strategy, content list and the color palette can be seen by clicking the links below.


What did we achieve?
  • The Strategy

    Through the workshop and The Core model, we set up a content strategy that defines what Underground Brew Café wants to communicate. We established a content strategy and put this together in a summarized 1-page file. 

  • Storytelling Content

    With the strategy established we brainstormed and created a list of content ideas that makes use of the Spark, Foster, Move model. These content ideas translate UBC’s core into 1 story. Since the content ideas are based upon the strategy and created with the SFM model, they are naturally aligned to the strategy.

  • Graphic Design

    During the workshop we came up with a few content ideas which would be best translated through static visuals. So some graphic design was needed. I created a few templates for UBC and put these into so Juan can now use them.

  • Optimized Workshop

    The UBC workshop helped me to improve the 1-day workshop in multiple ways. My conversation with Juan and the evaluation afterwards made me realize how important an after workshop guide is. Juan also pointed out there needs to be something to ’empower you to act’. Therefore I decided I needed to construct a regular-check-in system for after the workshop. I do this through Whatsapp.

  • Use of online tools

    At the end of the workshop we took a look at and These two tools are very beneficial for a small café like Underground Brew Café. is a simple tool to create graphics, a social media schedule tool. I introduced Juan to both tools and set up a few templates to start with on

  • Content Schedule

    Another thing that was created (after the workshop) was a content schedule. I set up a grid for UBC to define what and when to post on social media.

Juan’s Experience

”To me, the workshop was very valuable and productive. It was very meaningful to be able to get all these different key elements about my brand in such simple terms. I enjoyed how it’s like a casual conversation.”
JuanOwner of UBC

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