Hotel branding and design for Windtown Brazil & South-Africa
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Windtown Travel B.V.

Windtown Board Travel B.V. owns two hotels: one at the stunning coast of Cumbuco, Brazil and one in Langebaan, South-Africa (about one hour north of Capetown). I got to work for the company from August 2016 until January 2017. I worked partly on research about the sector, created a content marketing plan and then went on to provide them with a wide variety of content, mainly photography, graphic design and videography.

Promotional video for Windtown Brazil

And one of the videos for Windtown Langebaan 

The videos ranged from videos about the surrounding area and activities to undertake to what was offered at breakfast and different parts of the property. The main idea behind this was to answer questions potential guests might have through fun, entertaining videos. Instead of showing the restaurant in one single video, I created a video about the breakfast, the cocktails, the BBQ/Sushi night and so on. This gave us the opportunity to create more videos and to keep them engaging.

As I already mentioned, another part of the job was graphic design. I renewed the old hotel brochure and created a new, magazine-like brochure, covering more than just the normal FAQ. We created pages about what to do in the area and where to go for dinner and so on. The style of the magazine was established after many iterations. It was not easy to come up with the final design but we did it! The magazine is now also send to guests before their arrival, by e-mail, as a PDF. This way they get excited about their upcoming stay before they have even touched their suitcases 😉

Definitely as important was the content marketing plan I created. This was completely based on research I did at the beginning of my time at Windtown. Besides reading many reports about the industry, surfing through forums and watching educational videos on content marketing, I surveyed both guests who were at the hotel and potential guests at home. Based on these results I created a content marketing plan for Windtown to guide future marketing managers and content creators on how to go about when working for Windtown on content.

Photography for Windtown was an absolute blast: the locations were just breathtaking. I made lots of progress over the months working for them, learned a lot and they are still using the photos today, on both their website and social media channels.


Windtown Travel B.V.