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Need a logo for your hotel, restaurant, café, or likewise business? Then we can help. Tremento specializes in hospitality logo design.


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As a restaurant, hotel, café, or another hospitality brand you simply can't go without a good logo. It's the key element around which the rest of your communication and visual design spins around. Your logo should convey the style and atmosphere of your restaurant or hotel.

Tremento specializes in logo design for hospitality. A great logo is the basis of a strong restaurant or hotel brand. It attracts potential visitors both on- and offline, gives them a feeling of what you're about, and helps them to remember your restaurant or hotel!

The Process:

  1. A good logo can not be built purely based upon the name of your restaurant or hotel. That's why we work with a ‘discover-system'. First, after you buy a package here online, you will receive a questionnaire with some basic questions.
  2. We will then review your answers. What are you about and what do you want to communicate? As soon as we've got this clear, we'll get started.
  3. We will then send you 3 logo concepts for your restaurant or hotel.
  4. You pick one of the concepts.  Maybe there are elements in the other designs that you'd like to see incorporated, too.
  5. We will revise the logo and work on your feedback.
  6. You get the first version of the logo and get to give feedback one more time.
  7. We will fine-tune the logo to your wishes and desires.
  8. The final logo will be handed to you including all necessary files.


Then please contact us before you buy a package.

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