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Hospitality Content Strategy & Creation

It’s the age of the content game. Your potential guests are online. They spend hours on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. The way to turn them into customers? Content. But you need more than pretty pictures and flashy videos. The winning brands are the ones with a strategy.

I have created a content strategy & creation workshop just for hospitality brands. Why? Because as a hospitality brand, you sell more than just a product. You offer an experience. That requires a different approach. This course has been developed with that exact thought in mind.

The time to get into the content game is now. Don’t stand at the sideline any longer. Beat the rest, win the guest.

The Workshop

1 Day Workshop Strategy & Content Ideas

So what happens during the 1 day workshop? We are taking the online course  ‘offline’. Through thoughtful conversations and different exercises we will create a strategy and a long list of content ideas for your hospitality brand. All in 1 day.


The first thing we do is get together at your property and talk about your brand. A relaxed conversation to get into the right vibe. Then we will slowly start with the workshop.

We will attack 7 different aspects of your brand. These are divided in 4 sections.

1. Who are we?
2. Who do we serve?

Break & Summarize

3. What do we serve?
4. How do we serve?

Break & Summarize

The 7 different aspects together make up ‘The Core’ of your brand: your strategy.

After going through the 4 sections we will summarize the answers so far. A more structured and organized version of these answers will be set up after the workshop day. But for now, this will allow us to move on to part 2.


After lunch, we will start on the content. You should never publish a piece of content just because you want new ‘stuff’ to appear on your channels. This will only do harm to your brand. We are going to use your earlier set-up strategy and the so-called ‘Spark, Foster, Move’ model. This model tackles the 3 stages almost every hospitality customer goes through, whether it’s a luxury traveler looking for a hotel or a backpacker looking for a restaurant. The details of this model will be kept a secret for the workshop.

Thanks to the use of the model we translate your brand’s story into content. No more useless posting. From now on, your content is there to build and establish your brand. 

The results

After the workshop, you will have two documents at your disposal. One document is your strategy: a summary of ‘The Core’. In one A3 sized paper, everything that’s important to your brand’s communication will be listed. Then, in another A3 sized paper, we’ll have 3 lists (Spark, Foster, Move) with content ideas, all based upon your brand.

These two things together will help you to create consistent communication and content in the future. This will help your brand to grow its image, make it easier for you to publish to social media in general and it will help you establish your name in your area and beyond.

2 Day Workshop Strategy & Learn to Create

2 Day Workshop

If you opt for a 2 day workshop, you’re also going to learn how to create the content. We’ll take the earlier set-up strategy and list of content ideas and develop actual useful content. At the end of the day, you will have much more knowledge on how to execute and manage your strategy and communication, while at the same time having learned the basics of content creation regarding photography, videos and graphics!


It’s going to be an active morning. No sitting around here: time to get up and create. We will start with the most obvious and important content: photos. Essential on any platform and useful in many situations. We will look at the best way to capture a picture and some very important basic rules in regards of photography.

All theory will be taught through practice and can later be reviewed again in the online course – in case you were to forget about ‘the rule of thirds’ or the 3 different ‘point of views’.

From photos we’ll move to videos. How to snap a good video from your property, rooms, food? Again, there are some general rules. Many of them overlap with photography. We will pick something from the earlier set-up content plan and create it. Again, theory is taught through practice.

We’ll then take a break, have lunch and relax our minds for a little.


After lunch, we take out a laptop and our phones again. We’ll take a look at how to edit the earlier caught visuals on both your laptop and phone. We’ll use only free software. So no worries about extra costs here.

We will look at how to enhance your photos easily and in alignment with the visual style of your brand. Then we’ll put together the video – in that same visual style. Afterwards we will go online to, where we are going to create a few graphics. Some of these graphics might be purely ‘graphic’, others will make use of your earlier edited photos.


Hospitality Content Strategy Creation Workshop


End of the day

We will end the day with a short introduction to, which will help you to publish and distribute your content. The online course will then further explain you how to truly use this software – or we can schedule an extra workshop day. Whatever you prefer. Either way, all theory taught will be available to you online.

Case Studies

Satori - Sushi Bar & Terrace

Satori is a sushi bar & terrace that serves the freshest fish and most creative cocktails in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Together with the owner, Lucas, I went through the online ‘Hospitality Content Strategy & Creation’ course. As the first brand to ever participate on the course, it was Satori who helped me develop my online course into an offline workshop. Results? A content strategy, ideas and many photos, videos and templates. Want to see more?

KULA - Healthy Food Bar

KULA is a healthy food bar in Barrio Amon, San José, Costa Rica. It’s a little hidden and you might just walk past it. Therefore social media presence and content are extremely important. Those are the tools for this little joint to be discovered. The first time I worked with KULA, I did a photoshoot and wrote an article about the place for About 2 months later, I got the opportunity to do my workshop with Nicole (the owner).


Sobremesa has been one of my most successful workshops so far. Through the workshop, we established a complete brand and content strategy. Because you can serve the most delicious salads, cocktails and coffees, but what’s the use if nobody knows? Find out more about this case study here.

Underground Brew Café

Underground Brew Café is a specialty Costa Rican coffee place, hidden in Barrio Escalante, San José. It’s one of those authentic hidden gems you want to tell all your friends about. No wonder I was excited to help Juan with his coffee place and to create a strategy that truly helps UBC to the next level. 

Maza Bistro

From tropical brunch to urban funky: that’s what happened at Maza Bistro. A crazy successful workshop that turned this little restaurant’s concept pretty much upside down. Read more about the outcomes of this workshop here. 

Content Expertise

To be the best content strategist in the hospitality world, I do more than just read, write and build strategies. Because a real good content strategist should also be able to create content. That’s why I continuously work with hospitality brands on content creation. This work ranges from photo- and videography to graphic design and written articles. Besides that, I blog every week about the latest and greatest in hospitality content marketing. From tips & tricks to trends, case studies and ideas: I cover it all.

Each time I work with a certain brand, I try to get in touch with the owner beforehand. No small talk here, but big talk. When did they start and why? What makes them different from their competition? It’s essential to me to know a little more about a brand’s core before I take out my camera or get my hands on an article. Content should be thoughtful.

On this page, you will find some examples of my work. In Costa Rica, I worked with 16 different restaurants, 1 hotel (Ylang Ylang Beach Resort), 1 big hospitality brand (Selina) and 2 tour agencies. This taught me a lot about hospitality content creation in general. For at least half of them, I also wrote articles which were published on


A bakery café tucked away in Barrio Escalante, San José, Costa Rica. The smell of freshly baked bread, the best eggs and a wonderful brunch. And the owner: Hasan. Who always wears a smile on his face. See more here.

Crêperie & Café Entre Nous

There is absolutely no sweeter way to start your day than at Crêperie & Café Entre Nous. This place in Barrio Escalante is bound to satisfy any sugary or savory cravings. Crepes, waffles, wraps, paninis and pitas, ready to be served!
One of my favorite photoshoots so far. See more here.

Café Rojo

Café Rojo is to be found in the centre of San José and serves Vietnamese inspired food. Delicious and healthy bowls go accompanied by Costa Rican coffee. As a Dutchie I was pleased to find ‘stroopwafels’ (Dutch cookies) on the counter as well. A café that knows how to serve with a smile. See more here.

Falafel House

Tasty falafel and creamy hummus. Sounds good, right? Falafel House started in June 2017. Marcel, the owner, worked for over 30 years in different hotels and establishments before finally realizing his dream of opening a place in San José where he could bring his roots back to life. It’s his ‘plato del dia’ that you get to taste here: shawarmas, hummus, falafel. A taste of the Libanese culture. See more here.

Manos en la Masa

There are few things as comforting as the smell of home-made bread. And there’s almost no better way to enjoy it than with a brunch. Manos en la Masa was the first place offering brunch in San José. But there is a lot more behind this brand. Manos en la Masa actually started out as a blog! I loved taking pictures here – unfortunately the circumstances were not optimal.

Café de los Deseos

Café de los Deseos is situated in probably the most colorful building of Barrio Otoya. The inside of the café reflects the same happiness through an eclectic design with all kinds of styles. This café is the realization of the owner’s dream to ‘create a place that feels like home, where we could eat good food and drink a beer or glass of wine’. It was definitely a colorful photoshoot – and the little garden made it very easy to get some good photos. Hands up for daylight!

Alma de Amon

A spacious, well-designed bar and restaurant located in the heart of Barrio Amón. Where, as you sit down, you might feel like you’re about to spend a fortune. However, you will be happily surprised when the menu arrives. A fine-dining, high-class cocktail bar experience without robbing your bank account. That’s Alma de Amón. It was a pure pleasure to do my photoshoot here. See more here.

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

Imagine waking up in the jungle. To the sound of crashing ocean waves, howling monkeys and tropical birds. Staying at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort was one of the most miraculous experiences Iʼve had in Costa Rica. Iʼve been to many great hotels but this one topped them all – and Iʼm being 100% honest here. Working with Ylang Ylang Beach Resort was easy, effortless I’d almost say. Communication went smooth, photographing was fun and easy. See more here.

Iguana Tours

Manuel Antonio is a region in Costa Rica famous for its gorgeous park. The area is home to a wide variety of animals, including monkeys, sloths and many more. With such incredible nature it’s the perfect place for Iguana Tours, the tour agency I was fortunate enough to work with. I joined Iguana Tours on their sunset catamaran cruise and mangrove boat tour. Both were tremendous. The tour agency was exactly what I search for in my clients: good objectives and friendly, passionate people. See more here.


  • What should I expect?

    The 1-day workshop (or first day of the 2-day workshop) is mainly an interesting and fun conversation. We sit down together and dive deep into your brand. What is the driving force behind your brand? We use a strategy model, called ‘The Core’, to figure this out. After our conversation, we’ll be able to put your content strategy together. Once this has been done, we move to the ‘content ideas’ part of the workshop. We’ll use another model, called the Spark, Foster, Move model, to come up with ideas. This is where we need to get real creative!

    So expect pleasant, explorative conversations and some exercises. No real preparation is required. You will receive a short document before the workshop day that explains all this a little bit more.

  • How much time does the workshop take?

    For both the 1-day and 2-day workshop you should expect it to take about 6 hours. At what time we start is up to you, but generally it works best to do one part of the workshop in the morning and the second part after lunch.

  • What happens after the workshop?

    At the end of the workshop, you will have your strategy written down in 1 very structured document. This strategy is accompanied by a list of content ideas which all have been based upon your strategy. See the case studies for examples. But what’s next?

    After the workshop, you will receive an after workshop guide. This document will give you helpful tips on how to take your brand to the next level. Both in visual aspects as in content and social media scheduling.

    There will also be some after workshop guidance. After one week, I’ll check in with you to see where you’re at. We’ll evaluate the workshop and see if any obstacles or hurdles have come your way. If you’re stuck, we’ll come up with a practical solution. By having this check-in after one week, we assure that you’ll make a good start.

    There’s also the option of continuing our collaboration. If you like the strategy and the content ideas, you can choose to keep working with Tremento for a longer period of time. In this case you’ll better head over to the Partnership Package page.

  • What does it cost?

    1-day workshop: €650,-

    2-day workshop: €1150,-

    Online Course: not available yet

    Prices are excl. tax (21% BTW).


So, tell me, why did you ever start with [name brand]?

In this example we use a restaurant

Well… Let me think about that. I’m not entirely sure. I think I’ve just always loved to cook.


When did that start? Did you already like to cook when you were little?

I guess so. As a kid, I liked to bake cakes and sell them on the street. Muffins and such things. But I didn’t really start cooking until I was in high school.


And so on.